To choose new content, Netflix has only one obsession: the data of its users.

The recommendation algorithms have built Netflix's reputation, which is breaking records for subscribers in France. Now, to acquire new content and develop its catalog of programs, the streaming platform analyzes the huge amounts of data delivered by the users themselves.

Since its creation, Netflix analyzes all the data of its users. We remember the Netflix Prize, a contest launched in 2009 to create a recommendation algorithm for movies and TV series. Today, it is for the acquisition and production of new content that the platform analyzes the data. By 2019, Netflix content manager Ted Sarandos plans to purchase 1,000 original programs. And none of this is done at random. On the contrary, everything is based on algorithms.
Of course, it all starts with the number of views recorded by this or that type of program. For the streaming platform, it is also a question of analyzing the entirety of the user data. According to the Kissmetrics research firm, this includes, among other things, the information relating to the rating system, the viewing behavior, the geolocation of subscribers, etc. The processing of these data makes it possible to arbitrate between several choices of acquisitions of programs. So much so that the scenario of a film or TV series is no longer the number one criterion for Netflix to invest in its production.

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