Apple has signed with Volkswagen to create fully autonomous vehicles.

Apple has tried to ally with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, without success. It is with Volkswagen that the Californian company has just reached an agreement. The goal: to design an electric and autonomous vehicle for Apple employees.

Volkswagen was not Apple's first choice, according to New York Times sources. But the German manufacturer is the only one to have accepted Apple's requests. Data control, vehicle design, financial conditions, everything must be done according to the wishes of the American company. Of course, Volkswagen will take care of the entire "hardware" part of the project. For several years, the German brand has made significant progress in the car of the future. For its part, Apple will take care of the technological component with the creation of the dashboard, the electric battery and electronic sensors.
The partnership focuses on adapting the Volkswagen T6 Transporter. The model will be modified to become a stand-alone shuttle for Apple employees. These fully autonomous vehicles will be far from the dreams (a little crazy) that Apple wanted to achieve in this area. We think in particular Project Titan and software for autonomous vehicles, projects put on stand-by by Apple. The harsh reality of the automotive world has caught up with the giant's ambitions. By partnering with Volkswagen for autonomous shuttles for its employees, Apple sees less, but this concrete project could put the group back in the right direction.

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