CodinGame asked 20,000 developers about their preferences in terms of programming language, among others. According to the survey, JavaScript, Java, Python, C ++ and C are the most common programming languages. Clojure, F # and OCaml complete the list.
Even if "the most widespread" does not necessarily mean "the most appreciated", in this case we are close, with a simple nuance in terms of order: Python comes at the top of the ranking, followed by JavaScript, Java , C # and finally C ++. “Special mention for Python, in first position for the third consecutive year. This language has really captured the hearts of developers, ”the report said.

Regarding the languages ​​that developers fear most, PHP is cited by a quarter of respondents (despite its 7th position in the ranking of the most popular languages). It is followed by JavaScript and Java, yet the second and third in the ranking. "These two languages ​​divide developers," notes the report. and C complete the top 5 of the most feared languages.

Younes Derfoufi

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