$ 539 million: the verdict has fallen into the trial of precursors and followers, and it is final. After long years in US courts, Samsung is found guilty of violating several Apple patents.
The damages claimed by Apple exceeded $ 1 billion. The sum corresponded to the profits made by Samsung smartphones, designed on the model of the iPhone and its famous rounded corners. While Samsung was content to offer $ 25 million in compensation, the US justice has decided. The South Korean giant must pay $ 533 million for violating three smartphone design patents and $ 5 million related to the features of the phone.

Samsung can still appeal and restart the process for several years. But for Apple, the verdict is an opportunity to celebrate the triumph of innovation against the "copy and paste" that plagues the environment of new technologies. The American giant insists on the value of an original design and the creation of innovative products like the iPhone. For Apple, the outcome of the trial is a signal sent to the followers, who are content to loot the products of their competitors.

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