Java and C continue to lead the Tiobe index of programming language popularity, but both dropped to all-time lows in the just-published August release of the index.

The longtime leaders have had to share the programming landscape with a growing number of language options attracting developers, which has caused their slippage in the index. Java’s rating this month was 12.961 percent, a drop of more than six percentage points since August 2016, while C’s rating was 6.477 percent, a year-over-year drop of nearly five points. Java’s rating last month was 13.774 percent while C was rated at 7.321 percent.

The Tiobe index measures language popularity using a formula that examines searches on languages in popular search engines such as Google, Wikipedia, and Bing. Tiobe believes Java might be alone in seeing a continuing decline going forward. “Most of the top 10 languages will not go lower, except for Java. It could drop another [five percentage points],” said Paul Jansen, managing director at software quality services provider Tiobe. “This is based on some experimental algorithms that we use to forecast what is going to happen.”

The Tiobe index top 10 for August:

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