Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop applications, has had a whirlwind year, with two major upgrades in the past 11 months. It will reach the next milestone in its six-month release schedule in September, when Angular 5 is due to debut with major accommodations for Google-driven progressive web apps.

Despite the “5” designation, the upgrade will actually be just the fourth release for the framework, which already has undergone a rewrite since the 1.0 version, initially called AngularJS, debuted in 2012. Angular 5 is now in beta release and is scheduled for production release on September 18.

Its features include:

  • An emphasis on making it easier to build progressive web apps, so apps can be cached in the browser.
  • A build optimizer that makes the application smaller by eliminating unnecessary code.
  • Making Material Design components compatible with server-side rendering.

The progressive web apps concept, the product of a joint effort between Google and Mozilla, is about enabling development of browser-based apps that offer a superior, native-like experience.

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