Inkwire Screen Share:

Peace be upon you all dear friends today brought you a beautiful application very easy for you a lot and a lot of your time where most of us are exposed to the users of Android phones to a problem and wants to ask or ask a friend more experienced than in the phones is difficult at first and sometimes can not Explain, you take pictures and write the screen and draw shares to know the problem exactly this is all wasted time in addition to that you can not solve the problem that you encountered, but today I brought you an application that helps you solve this problem very easily is the application InKwire Screen Share

This application is one of the most beautiful applications that helps you to solve most of the problems that you face in your phone where the application by sharing the screen of your phone on your phone for another friend can help you and evaluate this application on the store Google Play 4.3 and this proof that he downloaded a lot and gain Trust who has used it to help you understand the problem easily under the supervision of the person you have shared your phone screen

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