Spy Camera OS3:

Hello, dear friends, welcome to our site. Welcome, I would like to add you in a new addition that can benefit many of us. Some people who own an Android phone with a camera need to shoot a specific event without knowing who is around you that you are filming or filming a bad event People on the street to publish it on social networking sites or want to photograph a comedian's position to one of your friends and do not want to feel anything but using the camera in any of the previous positions you find there is a camera or flash sound or shows the application of the normal camera on the screen and know who tried to shoot youToday, I solved a problem for you by applying Spy Camera OS 3.

Spy Camera OS 3 features:

You can shoot pictures without anyone knowing and without sound.
The application shows up on any application you use which shows up on Facebook and makes sure you try to browse and not shoot.
You can also shoot video without a note around you.
You can minimize the size of the application's screen or zoom it up as you like in any size.
It makes you document the most important events, memories and situations that occur around you in complete secrecy.

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