New business for Facebook that has allowed smartphone manufacturers to access the data of its users.

Facebook is facing a new wave of revelations regarding the personal data of its users. The social network would have widely shared with the manufacturers of smartphones, from Apple to Samsung, through Microsoft or Blackberry.
Specifically, no less than 60 mobile device manufacturers had access to personal information from Facebook users. As explained by our colleagues at Le Figaro, the data recovery was done through partnerships involving proprietary applications of manufacturers. On Blackberry for example, it is the Blackberry Hub application that allowed to recover the contacts of a Facebook user. Once access to this information is established, nothing prevents them from being stored on its own servers. More worryingly, all users would be concerned, even if they indicated that they did not want to share their information with third-party applications.

On the side of Apple, which has just launched its portal for the recovery of personal data, it is said that the iPhone no longer has access to this information from Facebook since September 2017. Microsoft states that the data are stored only locally, on mobile devices. What about the principal concerned, once again caught in the storm? Facebook only remembers that its partners can not offer such services without the express permission of users. Once again, it would be up to users to read the terms and conditions ... The story of Facebook and personal data begins to look more and more like the scenario of "A day without end", right?

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