In its application, Uber launches an "emergency button" function to reassure passengers of its cars.

Several cases of passenger aggression have led Uber to reinforce the safety in his cars. The world leader in VTC has developed a new "emergency button". The feature allows passengers to call for help quickly in case of danger.

This virtual "emergency button" went unnoticed at the end of May. The opening of a research center on flying taxis in Paris had attracted attention. But in practice, the issue of safety in Uber vehicles becomes a real concern. The company wants to reassure its customers during their travels with the help of this panic button. Note: the driver is not notified when his client reports a danger.
To activate the feature, simply open the "Security Center" tab in the Uber application and click on the "emergency button" option. In test in the United States, it immediately warns the "911", the American emergency service, and transmits geolocation data of the passenger. Uber wants to generalize this "emergency button" in other countries, without mentioning a launch date for France in particular.

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