Like other apps, WhatsApp is enriched with a darker mode, while Twitter makes his even darker.

As you may have noticed, there is more and more software, applications and services that are adopting a "dark mode" and this is well on its way to continuing. While Google Chrome and Facebook Messenger have recently adopted a dark mode, it is the turn of WhatsApp to test this type of display on a black background. And if there was already a "night mode" on Twitter, the service offers a new even more radical.

In fact, the new dark mode, already available on the mobile version of Twitter, is a new option to choose between a dark blue theme (already existing) and a black theme. A variation requested by Twitter users who found that the dark mode was not enough yet. For WhatsApp however, the dark mode is still in test phase as confirmed by the WABetaInfo website. As you can imagine, it will obviously move the interface of the instant messaging in darker tones.

If the dark mode is fashionable, it's not a simple aesthetic question. On Oled screens, the white background of applications is particularly brilliant. The idea of ​​the dark mode is to continue to use an application without too much damage to the eyes, but also to save a little battery: indeed a black background will consume less energy than a white background on the screens oLED.

And as we spend more and more time in front of our screens, the multiplication of dark modes is welcome!

Younes Derfoufi 

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