With the next version of iOS, Apple will report spam calls and text messages via third-party applications.
This is good news for all owners of an iPhone regularly receiving unwanted commercial calls and text messages, in the clear of spam. At the moment, it is almost impossible to report as an unwanted SMS or a call, it is only possible to report iMessages. But the future version of iOS will finally block unwanted messages, and for this, Apple relies on the application developers.

As reported by the 9to5mac site (link in English), it will be sufficient for the user to drag a number to the left from the call log to display a new option Report to mark as unwanted or block a number. It will be the same for messages, or a long press on the message to also activate the option.
But for this option to appear, it will be necessary that the user has installed an application activating the "Junk Communication" feature. Once a message or call is reported, it is this application that will block the number. Curiously, Apple has not seen fit to directly integrate this feature in the heart of iOS but prefers to rely on the creators of applications.
In all likelihood, it seems that Apple has opened this feature to developers after a bick with Indian telecoms regulator Trai. Last year, Trai accused Apple of being "anti-consumer" because the company had refused to validate an anti-spam application created by the regulator.

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