A bout Google Docs for Android

Google Docs for Android is an application for creating, editing and working with documents. Google Docs allows you to create new Word documents, as well as edit those created on the Google Docs web interface or from another device and that are backed up to your Google Drive storage.
Google Docs for Android also makes it easy to share a text document with other collaborators who have the ability to edit it simultaneously with other people. The application is capable of locally storing files created in Google Docs so you can rework them once you're offline.

What the Google Docs app can do

With the Google Docs app, create documents and work on them from your Android phone or tablet easily. Here are some of Docs' possibilities:
- Create documents and edit existing files.
- Share documents and collaborate with others simultaneously.
- Work anywhere and anytime, even without Internet connection.
- Add comments and reply to existing comments.
- Do not lose any modification anymore: everything is recorded automatically when entering.
- Search directly in Docs using the "Explore" feature.
- Open, edit, and save Word documents.

Authorization Notices

Contacts: permission required to allow the app to suggest people to share files with.
Storage: permission required to save files to a USB device or SD card, and open the files stored there.

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