Google Tasks is Google's new task manager, available on the web and in Android or iOS apps.

To make available its new task manager Tasks, Google aims for cross-platform. Its To-do List application is available in Android or iOS app and in Chrome extension. The application lets you create, organize, and manage tasks by integrating with the new Gmail or Google Calendar.

Google has put together all its offer in one task manager, Tasks. For a week, it can be downloaded in application or as a Chrome extension. The user of Google Tasks finds an application that is not really revolutionary in the proposed functions ... We can create and manage his list of things to do, simply ... But the real user benefit is the integration with other services. Tasks is natively present in Google Calendar and in Gmail (in the new interface, a simple click on the Tasks icon in the right sidebar creates a new task). In concrete terms, this means that the content is synchronized in real time on all mobile devices of the user. The saving of time is enormous.

In addition, Google Tasks also allows the user to best manage its medium and long-term goals. It is easy by a system of "drag and drop" to reorganize the various elements of the lists of tasks. This makes the use very fluid. In the end, this gives a Google Tasks application that could meet the needs of professionals. An integration with G Suite is also proposed, in paid version.

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