ARM unveils its next generation of GPUs and CPUs, more powerful and intelligent.
ARM has just introduced its next CPUs and GCUs. They are intended to equip the next generation of high-end smartphones. Program: power, energy saving and of course, a lot of artificial intelligence.
Power is a very popular criterion in high-end smartphones.
But the ability to save energy is just as important. ARM understood this well, and it is with this in mind that the brand presented its new models. Thus, the Cortex-A76 (which replaces the Cortex-A75) is based on a new architecture and DynamIQ technology. By setting aside the big.LITTLE, ARM manages to increase the performance of its new CPU by 35%, while saving 40% of energy consumption - according to the tests presented by the brand.
The presentation of Mali-G76, much awaited, did not disappoint. The GPU is expected to significantly increase the performance of mobile gaming and 3D applications. The lovers of optimal experience on smartphones will be delighted. Finally, the Mali-V76 promises to decode 8K videos at 30 and 60 frames per second (depending on the number of hearts present). Compatible with all current codecs, such as AVS + / AVS, VP8, VP9, ​​H.264 and HEVC, it would also be able to simultaneously manage four 4K 60 FPS video streams according to ARM. When can we expect to find these CPUs and GPUs on the market? Mali-V76 and Mali-G76 will certainly be integrated by the end of the year. When the Cortex-A76, it will be available early 2019.

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