Since 2015, the ZooPark malware is rife on Android. He retrieves the personal information of his victims.
Kaspersky Lab researchers have successfully identified ZooPark. This highly powerful and unobtrusive malware spreads on Android since 2015. It primarily targets users in the Middle East, with the aim of recovering all the information on their smartphone.

The Kaspersky Lab team has therefore flushed out "new" Android spyware which unfortunately joins a long list. The most disturbing is that this spyware is not really "new". In fact, ZooPark has spied its victims for several years. The priority targets are Android smartphones from users from the Middle East, but also Morocco or Egypt in particular. To successfully infect smartphones, spyware is hidden in fake apps on the Play Store. For ordinary people, these verolated apps are visually identical to apps known as WhatsApp, Telegram or Uber.
In their detailed report - PDF file-, Kaspersky's experts claim to have been able to identify at least 4 generations of spyware malware. Since 2015, ZooPark and its derivatives recover contacts and account information, but also passwords, photos, videos, SMS and personal data.

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