Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest ... Social networks are not lacking, and are channels of promotion privileged. But to maximize the chances of success, we must think about targeting the support that corresponds to your activity ...

Instagram, the allies of fashion and beauty

Creator of jewelery, clothing, ready-to-wear brand, beauty products distributor? The aesthetics sector responds to particular codes. To attract your customers, it is necessary to bet on the visual. Your advertising, your products are based on a design stringed?
Apply the same requirement to your social networks! Instagram is an asset to showcase your business. Your feed represents your identity. If you sell products, put them in situation. The "Shopping" tool now allows you to add a product link directly to your photos! Repost photos of your customers, give ideas to your prospects! Specialist in aesthetics, hairdressing? Highlight your expertise, your creations.

Pinterest, an under-estimated social network

Ultra-popular in English-speaking countries, Pinterest is still underestimated in France. Yet, it is a channel of development with great potential! With the right strategy, it will give your products incredible visibility. The privileged sectors? Those of fashion, beauty, gastronomy, but also decoration, tourism! Create "Outfit of the day" pins to present your clothes, "recipes of the day" to promote your restaurant, "decor ideas" for your craft store ... Or "ideas for weekends" to showcase your hotel , your region. High quality photos will catch the eye and traffic to your site, but will also be selected by Google Images.

Facebook ads: the key asset of your sales

The organic results on Facebook are not what they were. But Facebook Ads, it has potential to resell. Increasingly accurate and efficient, the promotion tool allows you to target the right prospects. With a good strategy, it is the insured conversion. Trade, real estate, but also schools or training organizations: Facebook allows you to spread your message to the right audience.

Live the social selling on twitter and linkedin

Independent? Digital company, or a "niche" sector? Linkedin and Twitter are here for you. Social networks with professional vocation, they will allow you to promote your activity with actors of your profession. Practice Social Selling, share your experiences, your expertise. Join a community of interested people by posting relevant, useful, and original posts. You will gain visibility, and credibility.

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