Weezyo launches a new PC model with a futuristic design. And in addition, the computer is made in France.
Traditionally, computers are square or rectangle shaped. But now Weezyo has decided to break the codes of micro-computing. The French company has created a PC mixing design and high-tech. And all this, with a start-up from Montpellier who put on the Made in France side.

It is never easy to differentiate yourself in terms of PC. But with his model Drop of Water, Weezyo had the right idea and hit the spirits. Impossible to miss this original form, combined with a good technology. Because Drop of water is not a gadget. The computer has two screens on its front, one at 21. 5 inches and the other at 7 inches. These allow the user to be able to do two actions at the same time (for example working on a text document on one screen and watching a video on the other screen). Its mirror facade is also equipped with a colorful LED backlight. Of course, the Drop of water is customizable in different colors, to stick to the style of professional spaces. Without unsightly cables, this device offers a complete connectivity package: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 port, Ethernet port, RJ45, DisplayPort, Microphone Input and Audio Output.

The Water Drop PC wants to protect data with an automatic backup to the cloud. It also monitors the components in real time to prevent a possible failure. For once, the world of computing becomes less pervasive in the room. The official website of the Montpellier brand details everything you need to know about this original PC.

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