Facebook Marketplace users can promote their ads on the network.
Facebook wants to monetize its Marketplace. Now, individuals and businesses can pay to put their ads on the network.
Available for almost a year in France, Facebook Marketplace  must become profitable, just like the job offers recently deployed. It's time to change for the social network classifieds service. As on leboncoin, platform users can now promote their products. After the United States where the feature has met with great success, Facebook deploys the promotion of classified ads in France. It is possible to highlight your product in the neighborhood or at the other end of the world, as needed. Just specify the budget to spend, and possibly the duration of the desired promotion. When the item is sold, the advertisement is automatically deleted.

Depositors of ads will be able to take advantage of the unique expertise of Facebook in terms of targeting and customer knowledge ... Impossible to do better at the moment: by selling a game console in Paris, Facebook can target users living a few kilometers from the seller and video game fans. The network can even exclude anyone who already owns the model sold. In other words, the monetization tool of Facebook Marketplace should quickly prove how effective it can be to find buyers. To find out more, Facebook has posted an explanatory page on its classifieds service: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/business/products/marketplace

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