Snapchat launches its Snap Kits, intended to open the platform to third-party applications and develop its use. This openness to third-party applications was long overdue. But Snapchat resisted it until now. Unlike Facebook for example, network users could not share their experience with other platforms. It is now repaired, with the launch of Snap Kit. Open to third-party applications is a must for any self-respecting social network. Tinder has his Kit, just like Postmates and Poshmark.
To keep up, Snapchat is launching a portal dedicated to developers and presents the sesame for future integrations to implement: the Snap Kit. Developers find a button to connect with Snapchat, but also the integration of Bitmojis, the sharing of stories on the Internet and technologies related to the camera of smartphones. With this Snap Kit system, the platform will open up to the best parts of other apps that Snapchatters like. And conversely, some of Snapchat's experiences can be integrated into third-party products. Of course, Snapchat ensures that user account information is securely, securely, and privately stored by the company. There will be no leaks ... Snap Kit also includes a Creative Kit, which provides access to Snapchat's camera technologies. Login Kit allows connection to another application using the Snapchat account. Bitmoji Kit and Story Kit complete the feature, so that their respective features can interact with other applications. To find out more, everything is detailed on the Snapchat website

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