6 years in prison. This is the conviction received by a couple of scammers who stole $ 1 million from Amazon.
In October, Amazon was the victim of a big scam carried out by a couple of particularly talented swindlers. Their combination has allowed them to steal over a million dollars worth of items from the US giant's online sales site. They have just been sentenced to 6 years in prison and refund everything.
To successfully rip off Amazon, Erin and Leah Finan had come up with a well-honed combination.
They regularly ordered electronic products such as Xbox or GoPro on the Amazon site, and then took advantage of his return policy. In fact, to avoid managing the return to service of returned products, the giant e-commerce does not require the return of a defective product to replace it. The couple rushed into the breach, to industrialize their scam. They systematically claimed that the products received, were damaged or broken. Amazon was replacing the product for free with a new one. They only had to sell their products to an accomplice - Danijel Glumac - who then traded these high-tech devices for pay.
In an official statement (link in English), Judge Tany Pratt explains her verdict. The trio of scammers is sentenced to prison, Erin was sentenced to 71 months in prison, Leah to 68 months in prison, and Danijel to 24 months. But that's not all: they will also have to repay the colossal amount stolen Amazon: $ 1,218,504 corresponding to 2,800 objects swindled over the period ... Now Amazon has decided not to let it go. In recent weeks, the giant banned from its site customers who return too many items and several hundred customers have already seen their Amazon account purely and simply deleted.

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