Snapchat users can currently use a virtual mask that responds to the image but also to the sound

Constantly copied by the competing social media - and also by services that are not expected like AirBnB - Snapchat remains a pioneering service of augmented reality thanks to Lenses, its famous virtual masks. But even if it is losing service to Facebook, Snapchat proves once again its status as an innovator by creating a filter that reacts to sound.

As the Engadget website explains, this Lense does not react only to the image of the camera but also to the ambient sound. This temporary filter takes the form of an animal mask superimposed on the face, whose ears pulsate and the eyes move according to the sounds. Just arrived in the carousel of Lenses, this virtual mask should be soon joined by other Lenses reacting to the sound.
Recently, Snapchat tests a lot of novelties for its Lenses in augmented reality such as the possibility of integrating its face in mini-games, or an incredible filter placing a whale swimming in the sky (link in English), which used a complex technology of sky segmentation.
If it is necessary to salute this beautiful technical feat of Snapchat, there remains a question in suspense: how long will Facebook copy it? The bets are open.

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