When it comes to thanking someone, no matter how old, Google does not skimp on the means. Witness the $ 36,000 (about 31,200 euros) paid by the American firm to Ezequiel Pereira, a Uruguayan of 17 years. The reason ? This teenager discovered a security breach at the American giant, reported CNBC on Saturday.
The Bug Bounty program
This award is part of the Bug Bounty program, which provides financial compensation for people who report bugs to Google.

However, Ezequiel Pereira found a vulnerability that allowed to make changes to the internal systems of the company. The boy was forced to wait for Google to fix the problem before communicating.

Five flaws discovered
This computer engineering student in Montevideo (Uruguay) has already discovered other flaws. The first had brought him 500 dollars. "I felt incredibly well. So I decided to keep trying since, "the young man told CNBC.

The Google Fault is his fifth discovery of its kind. Certainly the beginning of a long series.

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