After spending some time in the beta phase, Android 8.1 finally comes officially on Google made mobiles. However, it brings relatively few changes for the general public

In addition to Android Go, the version of Google's mobile OS dedicated to low-power mobile, Google also announced yesterday the final version of Android 8.1, the latest stable version of the "traditional" branch of Android. Owners of Pixel devices or Nexus 5X, 6P should therefore be offered the update automatically.
This minor version of the system does not really make visible changes for most users; point for redesigning graphics or major new features. Most of the novelties are under the hood. The detail highlighted by Google is the "Neural Network API", a new programming interface built into Android that should bring the OS into the world of machine learning.

Android comes with the support of TensorFlow Lite
This software layer should allow mobile devices with a dedicated AI chip, such as Mate 10 Pro or Honor's recently announced View 10, to perform some complex operations faster (such as photo recognition). The Pixel Visual Core of new pixels should also take advantage of this new software block. It should also allow developers to more easily create applications using the machine learning tool, such as TensorFlow Lite. It also officially brings Android into the wonderful world of artificial intelligence.

Other small modifications, such as a new design for burger and beer emojis, and mechanisms to avoid the marking of screens, are also part of it. If the automatic update does not arrive, those in a hurry will be able to get the complete system image from the Google site.

Younes Derfoufi

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