AnTuTu has just put online several infographics. AnTuTu's numbers shed light on Android user preferences in the area of ​​RAM, screen resolution and size, internal storage and mobile OS.
AnTuTu, the benchmarking application, holds valuable data on Android smartphones. Each month, AnTuTu reveals the top 10 most powerful Android smartphones. Each year, AnTuTu also publishes the top 10 best mobile processors. This time, he decided to move away from smartphones to focus on their users. The infographics below are based on Chinese users but, as you will see, the trends are the same at home.

Android smartphones: discover the preferences of their users thanks to AnTuTu
Smartphones are getting bigger, and this first graphic proves it. 25.76% of users are equipped with a 5.5-inch device, such as the Honor 6X. 19.78% of users have even opted for a 6-inch smartphone or more, such as Galaxy S9 Plus, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, or Note 8. Every year, the percentage of large-format smartphones explodes. Faced with the trend, devices of less than 4.9 inches are only 26.2% of smartphones.

54.73% of users favor screens with a resolution of 1080 × 1920, compared to 22.12% of market share for 1080 × 2160 screens. On the RAM side, most users (39.58%) are satisfied with a device with 4GB of RAM, such as the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 or OnePlus 2. Just below, there are smartphones with 6GB of RAM, such as Note 8, OnePlus 5T, or S9 Plus, which still make up 33% of the market share. Note that devices with 8GB of RAM, such as Razer Phone or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, are still rare: they only hold 4.44% of market share.

On the internal storage side, most users (54.54%) opted for a model with 64GB. Not surprisingly, smartphones with 32 or 128GB share the rest of the market, with 18.69 and 17.41% shares. We note the gradual disappearance of devices with 16GB.

As expected, Android 7.11 and Android 7 Nougat make up more than 50% of smartphones in circulation. Android fragmentation is far from over: Android 8 Oreo is still only present on 15.46% of phones. Worse: 14.93% of smartphones still run on a version of Android earlier than Android 6 Marshmallow, such as Android KitKat, JellyBean or Lollipop. Given these figures, it is not surprising that one billion Android smartphone are obsolete.

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