Apple thinks an iPhone can replace a console. "Video games have always been one of the most popular categories in the App Store," continues the vice president. To highlight the new games available, the interface of the App Store has recently been updated. A tab is now entirely dedicated to mobile video games. The game of the day category also allows users to discover several paid titles daily. "Traffic on the App Store is rising significantly," says Greg Joswiak.

For the leader, we are at a major turning point in the history of mobile video gaming. "The gameplay of recent mobile games has astonished many people," he says. In the eyes of Greg Joswiak, the iPhone has many strengths to outperform traditional consoles "every year, we improve the technology we make available to developers." Unlike consoles, which are renewed every 4-5 years, a new iPhone comes out every year.

"I think people are starting to realize that iOS devices are everywhere, and that they are the base computers of many people," said Zach Gage, a video game developer on the App Store. "I would like to discover more video games designed and developed specifically for the iPhone and iPad that really benefit from the way iOS devices are used," he adds. Do you agree with Zach Gage and Greg Joswiak? Will smartphones sign the death penalty for consoles?

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