Google's navigation app offers optimized rides for bikers and other PTW users.

Google continues to evolve its navigation app. The Mountain View company has indeed included a mode "motorcycle" has unveiled Android Police.

It is designed to allow motorcycle and scooter riders to see the fastest route they can take on two wheels. This mode therefore not only includes the largest traffic lanes, such as the classic mode, but also "cross roads" where cars would struggle to pass.

This "motorcycle" mode also gives information on the closed roads on the route and the availability of parking at the place of arrival.

This new option is added to the means of transport already present in the app (car, bike, pedestrian and public transport) and is, for the moment, available only in India in version 9.67.1 of the app but should be quickly deployed on a larger scale. This great country was chosen as the first place of deployment of this function because of the heavy use of this means of transport. India is the world's biggest market for two-wheelers: 17.7 million vehicles were sold in 2016.

If the arrival of this new mode of transport in the app is good news, Google is not the first to offer it. Waze has indeed moved ahead by launching a similar function in late November.

Younes Derfoufi

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