The synergies that can be put in place between Nest's teams and those working on Google products are obvious. As the market for connected devices gains momentum under the influence of wizards and artificial intelligence, Google may soon be moving back into Nest's hardware business.
According to Wall Street Journal news, Google is serious about re-integrating Nest into its hardware division. As a reminder, it was in 2015 that Google decided to give its independence to Nest, so as to give it more freedom in the development of its connected objects (thermostats, CCTV camera, smoke detector, etc.). But while the competitor Amazon shows fangs with its products based on Alexa, Google would feel pressured and would like to benefit more from the synergies between the work of the division that deals with the products of the Home range and those made in the Nest R & D labs.

A reconciliation that would not be illogical when you know that Google Home users can control voice Nest products, whether connected thermostats or the camera. Working on this integration, dozens of Nest engineers were last year came to work with Google teams.

Google bought Nest in 2014 for $ 3.2 billion. When the Alphabet parent company wanted to separate several of its businesses, it decided to make Nest a separate entity. Nest has a total of around 1,000 employees, who may soon be invited to come and talk about Google's next connected devices in its R & D labs, while Nest's marketing and sales departments could also add to the workforce. Google equivalents, while they seem to already share some resources and work with the same partners.

Younes Derfoufi

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