Exercise 55

Write a python program as a function which takes as parameters a string s and which returns a string obtained from the string s by transforming each uppercase character into a lowercase character and vice versa without using the swapcase() method. Example if s = "Hello Wordls!" , the function returns the string "hELLO wORLD!"


def mySwapcase(s):

# initializing the swapped string
s_swap = ""

# iterate over all characters of s
#and testing if the character is in uppercase or lowercase
for x in s:
if x.isupper():

# swapping the character
x = x.lower()
s_swap = s_swap + x
elif x.islower():
# swapping the character
x = x.upper()
s_swap = s_swap + x
s_swap = s_swap + x

return s_swap

# test and display result
print(mySwapcase("Hello World !")) # The output is : hELLO wORLD !

Younes Derfoufi

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