Next year, Apple could generalize the OLED screen to all its new smartphones.

True to LCD screens, the Cupertino company has been slow to join the movement of OLED screens, and currently only has one smartphone with this type of screen become very popular, and it is the iPhone X. But from 2019, it is possible that Apple finally abandons the LCD and offers only iPhone equipped with an OLED screen.
This is in any case what the South Korean site ETNews, which was taken over in English by our fellow members of The Next Web. Like its competitors - OnePlus with its latest model, Google and its Pixel 2 or Samsung and Galaxy S9 - Apple could offer an OLED screen for its most high-end products. See even mid-range, since it is possible that the production costs of OLED screens will drop by next year.
But this is certainly what could happen this year. Indeed, late last year, the rumor ran that Apple had three devices in the boxes for 2018: two high-end devices with OLED screen and an entry-level LCD model. Not to mention another rumor also evokes the arrival of an iPhone SE 2, which should also use an LCD.

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