It's radical, Amazon will ban its customers who return too many items.

Since March, several hundred customers have seen their Amazon account closed. The e-commerce giant believes they have abused its generous returns policy. The message is clear: Amazon wants to stop cases of fraud.

Since March, Amazon closes accounts of users abusing returns of items purchased on its site. At this stage, the radical measure only concerns the United States. In other countries, customers of the giant e-commerce can be reassured. But who knows how long it will take the company to extend this initiative to the entire globe? Several hundred accounts would already be affected by this ban, without warning. A simple email is sent, indicating that their account is deleted due to a glut of returns. And it is the whole Amazon account that is blocked, including for dematerialized services such as ebooks, Prime Video or voice assistants.
How Amazon succeeds in detecting suspicious accounts On the subject, the company remains discreet, even if it confirms analyze the number of refunds requested, the type of products returned, comments or published notes. To justify its new policy, Amazon says it wants to preserve the free return service that its 300 million customers enjoy. Except to show a rather unusual severity with regard to fraudsters.

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