Lego launches a line of connected toys Powered Up, which allows to control the Batmobile via smartphone.

Lego fans will be able to discover a new connected gaming experience. The Powered Up range offers several toys to control by smartphone or tablet, including a connected Batmobile, soon sold as a kit at $ 99 this summer in the United States.

The Batmobile model of Powered Up is equipped with 321 parts, two motors and a battery. With a smartphone, the child can give new life to the object he has built himself. If he wishes, he can even improve his product through an educational coding system developed by Lego. Other Powered Up kits will also be offered with full programming and control via a mobile device, such as Ninjago dragon, roller coaster or train. With a suitable coding interface, children will be able to change the performance of these connected toys.
Lego plays on the educational and connected side of Powered Up to seduce kids. The range is the next logical step for the company, following its partnership with Amazon for the release of the Duplo bricks in which stories are told via Alexa for Kids. Subsequently, Lego even plans to offer new types of kits, with higher levels of difficulty. The connected platform Powered Up should therefore be used to launch future innovative games combining programming, driving, not to mention the real base of the game - the legendary Lego brick. The release date in France has not been announced yet.

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