in case you just have one wide variety in the brackets, it-Python-courses-s going to come up with the single man or woman at that index. if you leave out the primary wide variety however keep the colon, it will provide you with a slice from the start to the quantity you left in. in case you miss the second range, it will give you a slice from the primary variety to the end. you could even placed negative numbers within the brackets. they may be an smooth way of beginning on the quit of the string in place of the beginning. This way, -3 manner -Python-courses-third man or woman from the quit-Python-courses-. however why failed to it print out five-Python-courses- isn-Python-courses-t always -Python-courses-o-Python-courses- the 5th individual inside the string-Python-courses- To make things more easy, Python -Python-courses-and maximum different programming languages-Python-courses- begin things at zero rather than 1. So the index of -Python-courses-o-Python-courses- is four. Get started out studying Python with DataCamp-Python-courses-s loose Intro to Python tutorial. study statistics technology through completing interactive coding challenges and watching movies with the aid of expert instructors. begin Now!


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