If you use an Android device and you aren’t happy with the phone’s default notification system, you can either wait for Android N to further improve it or install Nevolution right now. Currently in beta, Nevolution wants to improve notifications beyond what’s currently available from your average Android app by taking advantage of everything Google has to offer.

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The app lets you change the order notifications appear on the screen, and even bundle the notifications together so they take up less space. Furthermore, Nevolution lets you turn off heads-up alerts if you want.

The app also wants to make everything look good in the processes, and there are various notification modes to make the most of your available screen real estate. You can choose to view more text from each notification and as Gizmodo noted, there’s an awesome Elastic List mode that adapts to the available display space.

The modes can be activated and deactivated at will, depending of your preferences. Users can even customize notifications for chat apps like WhatsApp and WeChat — for example, WhatsApp might get one notification per conversion while WeChat notifications let you peek at every new message as new notifications arrive.

Nevolution definitely improves your notifications experience on Android, but let’s not forget that Google is also making several big changes to the notifications system in Android N that cover both functionality and the user interface. As a result, Nevolution might be just a stopgap solution until Android N rolls out. Ars Technica has a great rundown of the new notifications features coming to Android N.

As for Nevolution, a video showing the app in action follows below and the beta is available right now from the Play Store for free. Mind you, some bugs are to be expected and the app only works with Android 4.3 or later.

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