JerryRigEverything has come up with somewhat a standardized durability test for smartphones and he does it quite often. He first tests the scratch endurance of the shell, then the flame resistance of the screen, and finally - the bend test.

Xiaomi Mi 5 uses two Gorilla Glass 4 pieces on its front and rear side and their scratch resistance is on par with the rest if the flagship crop. Its camera is protected by a sapphire piece, which is resistant to scratches, too.

The aluminum is rather easy to scratch - that's for sure. But as it turns out the Mi 5 lacks a secondary metal chassis to hold the insides and uses a cheap aluminum for the one and only frame. The consequences? Watch the video below.

As it turns out the Xiaomi Mi 5 is one of the easiest-to-bent smartphones out there due to the single and lower-grade aluminum frame that's supposed to hold everything in place.

We are not great fans of bend tests, because every phone is bound to break when plenty of force is applied, but this test sheds some light on why the Mi 5 is cheaper and lighter than other competitors.


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