Windows 7 Faq ( Configuring Windows )

2.1. Configuring the display 


- How to quickly configure a dual screen display or video projector ?
To quickly configure the dual display type, you can use the [Windows] + [P] keyboard shortcut.
- How do I change the screen resolution ?
To change the screen resolution (or screens for multiple displays), right-click on the desktop and select Resolution.
- Where are Windows default wallpapers located ? 
The wallpapers included by default with Windows are located in the folder C: Windows Web Wallpaper
Wallpapers by country (eg Canada / France for the French version of Windows) are located in the folder C: Windows Globalization MCT. You will find several wallpapers corresponding to the chosen country.
- How to enable or disable Aero Peek? 
The Aero Peek feature allows you to preview the desktop,by flying over the translucent button at the bottom right of the screen.
To disable this function, right-click the translucent button beside the clock and uncheck the "Stealth Switch to Desktop" option.
- How to quickly activate / deactivate an external display (video projector, screen) ?
How to activate / deactivate an external display (projector, screen), make [Windows] + [P] and choose the desired mode (no external display, duplicate, expand or external display only).
- How do I change the login screen background ?You can choose the image to display in the background of the Windows 7 login screen.
To do this, you can use the free Windows 7 Logon Background Changer tool downloadable here.


2.2. System requirements


- How do I change the date and time ?     
To change the system date and time, right-click the time in the taskbar. Then choose Adjust Date / Time.
In the window that opens, click the Change Date and Time button (you must have administrator privileges to perform this action). Use the calendar in the left part of the window to change the current date and use the input box below the clock to change the current time. Confirm by clicking the Ok button.

- How do I change the environment variables ?   
To change the environment variables, follow these steps :

     Right-click on Computer
     Click Properties
     The System window opens.
     In the left column, click Advanced System Settings
     The System Properties window opens.
     Click the Environment Variables button

At the top, you can set environment variables for your user account only. In the lower part of the window you can define the system environment variables common to all users on the computer. 
- How to add a new font in Windows 7 ? 
Windows comes with a number of fonts already installed. To add more, download a font file to your hard drive. Right-click the font file and choose "Install."
You can also install a font by dragging it to the Fonts page in Control Panel. 
To access the Fonts page, open the Start menu> Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization> Fonts. 

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