A new feature arrives on Facebook: job offers.
Users who have updated Facebook recently have certainly noticed the arrival of a tab dedicated to job offers. After a year of testing in the United States, the feature is finally available on Facebook in France and in 42 countries.

Job postings are not new on Facebook, that's for sure. But this time, the social network is officially launched in recruitment, with a tab and dedicated features. Users can find all job offers in one place, and filter their searches through geolocation, industry or job type. Once an offer has been identified, it is easy to apply directly to the offer from the application. The advantage of Facebook is that it has so much data on its users that forms fill up (almost) automatically!
This new feature also targets professionals. With it, Facebook wants to put an end to the practices of companies that use the social network to recruit candidates, by posting job offers on their pages. Now, it will go through the ads and their paid features. The advantage is to take advantage of a complete publication offer, with the choice of visuals, information on the job, the place, the salary and the type of job ... It is even possible to add questionnaires personalized to start on Facebook the selection of candidates. All explanations for testing this new feature Jobs are on the official Facebook site.

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