Exercise 62

 a)Write a python program that create a text file called myFile.txt and write on it the following lines:

- this is the line 1

- thtis is the line 2

- this is the line3

- this is the line4

- this is the line5 

- this is the line6

- this is the line7

- this is the line8

- this is the line9

- this is the line10    

b) Write a Python program which allows you to read the first 5 lines of myFile.txt.
c) Write a program to read the last 5 lines of myFile.txt
d) Write a Python program which allows you to extract the content of a file from the 3rd line to the 7th line and save it in another file called extract_content.txt.


Question a)

# opening new file called myFile.txt in write mod
file = open("myFile.txt" , 'w')
# create the list of lines
listLines = ['- this is the line1' , '- this is the line2' , '- this is the line3' ,
'- this is the line4' , '- this is the line5' ,'- this is the line6' ,
'- this is the line7' , '- this is the line8' , '- this is the line9' ,
'- this is the line10' ]

# write all line on opened file
for line in listLines:
file.write(line + "n")

This will be create a file called myFile.txt: 

Question b)

# opening myFile.txt in read mod
file =open("myFile.txt" , 'r')

# getting list of all contnent lines
lines = file.readlines()

# print the 5 first lines
for i in range(0 , 5):

The output is:

- this is the line1 

- this is the line2 

- this is the line3 

- this is the line4 

- this is the line5

Question d)

même méthode que la question précédente en appliquant la boucle de i = 2 juqu'à i = 7

for i in range(0 , 5):

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