0 - Introduction

Data can be entered directly or imported from different sources. This chapter discusses processes for reading data stored in IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, database applications such as Microsoft Access, and text files.

1 - Basic structure of an IBM SPSS Statistics data file

IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files are organized by observations (rows) and variables (columns).

2 - Reading IBM SPSS Statistics Data Files

The IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files, with the .sav file extension, contain the data you have saved. To open demo.sav, a sample file installed with the product, follow these steps:

3 - Reading data from spreadsheets

Instead of entering all your data directly into the data editor, you can read them from applications such as Microsoft Excel.

4 - Reading data from a database

Data from database sources can be easily imported using the Database Wizard.

5 - Reading data from a text file

Text files are another common data source. Many spreadsheets and databases can save their content in one of the many text file formats.

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