Exercise 71 **

Write a Python program which determines the minimum digit within a given string s. Example if s = “Python3.7 is more power than Python2.7” , the algorithm must returns 2. We assume that the string s does not contain any negative number.


def minimumDigit(s):
# creating and initializing the list of digits
listDigits = []
for x in s:
if x.isdigit():
x = int(x)

# initializing the minimum of digits
minDigit = listDigits[0]

# iterate over all list elements
for n in listDigits:
if minDigit > n:
minDigit = n
return minDigit
# Example:
s = "Python3.7 is more power than Python2.7"
print("The minimum digit within s is : ", minimumDigit(s))
# The output is : The minimum digit within s is : 2

Younes Derfoufi

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