The connected speaker of Apple will be available in France from June 18th.
Released at the beginning of February in the United States, after a long and painful delay in delivery, the speaker connected HomePod was slow to show in France, where Apple had yet announced his arrival. But the wait for French fans of Apple is coming to an end soon, as the Cupertino company has said it will be available in France from June 18.

In addition to France, Germans and Canadians will also be able to rush into the Apple Stores to buy their new Apple gadget. They can even buy two if they are not cold at their wallets, since the latest version of iOS (link in English) finally adds the support of stereo pairing between two HomePods. But iOS 11.4 also introduces AirPlay 2 which allows you to multiroom a HomePod speaker to other AirPlay 2 compatible speakers.
Finally, the Apple HomePod has of course been updated to be used in the language of Molière. So you can converse quietly with Siri, who should also be greatly improved, according to Siri's latest revelations of the WWDC conference presentations.

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