Frequently Asked Question Windows 7 : Installation

1 - Installation


- Is it possible to migrate directly from Windows XP to Windows 7 ?
No, that's not possible. You will need to perform a complete installation.
Do not forget to save your documents beforehand: one is never too careful!
Your software installed in Windows XP will no longer be accessible. You will need to reinstall them in Windows 7.
- When can I upgrade to Windows 7?

The upgrade allows you to convert an existing Windows installation by retaining all existing documents and installed programs. The upgrade time is generally much longer than normal installation because the installation system must back up all your data. The upgrade process can therefore take several hours.
- Can I remove the Windows.old directory?

This folder is created by Windows 7 during an installation or an upgrade. It contains all data from the previous version of Windows (user profiles, Windows folder, Program Files folder).
This directory is not used by the system and can be deleted without damaging the system.
Instead, check that it does not contain user documents that you would like to keep.

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