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Whether you run a business, a theater company or run multiple projects at once, it's imperative to be well organized, which is why Trello exists for Android. Simple and effective, this application helps you to organize your daily work by listing with different dashboards what needs to be done today, who will do it, the projects in progress and what remains to come In the coming days. Each dashboard, of course, can contain text, images, files, links or even to-do lists. Trello also has a sharing feature to invite others to participate and interact on your charts. Finally, know that Trello also exists in the form of online service and application for iPhone.

Trello offers you a new perspective on all your projects, in the office and at home.

Whether managing a team, writing an epic storyline or making a shopping list, Trello is the perfect companion for being active and organized.

With Trello, you can:

• create tables to organize all your tasks;
• use these tables alone or invite your colleagues, friends or family to collaborate;
• customize workflows for different projects;
• add checklists of things to do on the cards;
• assign tasks to your colleagues and to yourself;
• comment on items with friends;
• attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox;
• import photos and videos;
• Reply to comments from Android Wear watches

Trello is free, and will always be.

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