A number of tools for the development of Android applications have appeared, we offer here a list of the best IDE for Android

Android Studio  Android Studio mainly allows you to edit Java files and configuration files of an Android application.
Among other things, it offers tools for managing the development of multilingual applications and allows viewing of the layout of the screens on screens of varied resolutions simultaneously.

Language : Java

Plugin ADT pour Eclipse  Official Eclipse Plug-in for Android. It is provided by Google and embeds the necessary tools for the different stages of the creation of an application (creation, compilation, debugging, visual editor, profiling, packaging ...).
Language : Java.

IntelliJ IDEAAndroid development environment using IntelliJ IDEA. It manages the completion, execution / debugging, refactoring, display of LogCat, graphic editor, unit tests, Lint, DDMS, Hierarchy Viewer and Draw 9 Patch.
Language : Java.
  NBAndroid  Android Plug-in for NetBeans. It allows the management of an Android project with the basic options. At present, it does not have a visual tool for the creation of graphical interfaces.
Language : Java.
  MOTODEV Studio  Originally Motorola's were IDE, based on Eclipse, which brought many interesting features. It is no longer available but the source code of its plug-ins has been made available on the  Android Open Source Project, available ici.
It is therefore possible to retrieve the sources and compile them and then add them to an existing Eclipse. Instructions are available on this page.
Language : Java.
  Plus vraiment disponible...

MoSync SDK / MoSync Reload IDE based on Eclipse and allowing to develop native apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, JME but also cross-platform using HTML5 / JavaScript languages.Languages : C / C++ et HTML5 / JavaScript

Titanium Studio : Based on Aptana (in fact, on Eclipse as well), this IDE uses JavaScript as its programming language. It is also possible to use JS libraries like JQuery to facilitate development. It is also possible to choose another programming language such as PHP, Ruby for development.It generates Android, iPhone and BlackBerry applications. The API can also generate desktop applications.
Langage : Javascript

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