A leak revealed Samsung's Project V, a collapsible smartphone that will never see the light of day.
Difficult to take into account all the rumors about the various projects of collapsible smartphones Samsung. It's been several years since leaks evoke a folding device prepared by the South Korean giant, but the latter has never pushed his plans to the end, and has even been recently cleared by ZTE and his Axon Mr. And a new leak has just revealed what appears to be an abandoned dual-screen foldable smartphone project.

It's on Twitter that the leaker has released the photos of the device. It shows a double-screen device with enough thickness and a hinge to use the smartphone with a screen on each side or in "book" mode. As noted on the Android Police site, the serial number indicates that the device would have been in development in 2015-2016, which is also indicated by the look rather close to the Galaxy S6.
The mention "Cancel" confirms what the dated look suggests: the device has been trapped for a while already. But that does not mean the end of Samsung's folding device projects. Because the Galaxy X, another project of collapsible smartphone of Samsung, seems to him always to be topical ...

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