Accessible directly from the URL, this service gathers all the videos diffused by the gamers. He wants to be a serious competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.
Twitch and YouTube more than ever in the crosshairs. Facebook announced on June 7 its own portal dedicated to the broadcasting of games of video games. It can be accessed from its Facebook home page ("Game Videos" in the left menu) or directly from the URL Of course, "gg" refers to "good game", a well-known expression of gamers that could be translated simply as "well played".

This page contains all the video content related to video games: streamers broadcasting their live games, whether mobile titles, PC or console, but also e-sports competitions. Users can also search for a specific streamer or game to find the related content.

Streamers will be able to earn money

In January, Facebook announced its program "Gaming Creator" just to broadcast its parts. But the videos were lost between other content offered by the social network. This new portal will therefore make it possible to put them forward and to find them more easily.
To encourage players to use Facebook instead of or at the same time as Twitch and YouTube Gaming - the two reference platforms in the field - the Menlo Park company is also developing a reward system. Fans can now give "stars" to the streamers, corresponding to real money, a kind of equivalent of "bits" on Twitch. Finally, users will also be able to subscribe to a channel for $ 5 per month, giving access to exclusive and personalized content.

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