For its next connected watches, Apple could use a haptic feedback button instead of the physical button.
Whether connected or not, current watches almost always include a mechanical button for example to adjust the internal watch or activate certain features. But Apple could take the plunge and give up the physical button in favor of a haptic feedback button, as the company already does on its smartphones with Touch ID.

According to information from the Fast Company website, the next model of the Apple Watch could use a button and a crown that would not really move when pressed. If the crown could turn, the click effect would be simulated by the "Haptic Engine" created by the Cupertino company.
The abandonment of the physical button would nevertheless have many advantages. In addition to improving the sealing, it would also save space for a larger battery or new sensors. It would be a question of integrating a new health sensor to be in contact with the skin. According to Fast Company, Apple could introduce the haptic feedback button either this year or next year.

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