The Visual Studio extension dedicated to UWP development comes with an enhanced configuration wizard.
Microsoft has recently released version 2.2 of Windows Template Studio (WTS), the Visual Studio extension that allows the development of applications to run on devices with Windows 10. The output of this second revision comes two months after that of version 2.0 of the tool.
The Redmond firm has not done in detail regarding improvements to this new version. Brutally, beyond the submerged part of the iceberg for bug fixes, extension users should see that the tool now includes better documentation. It will also have to count with a new 3D launcher and advances with the configuration wizard.

This last point deserves special attention when we know that the development of applications (called universal) with this tool is centered on the use of this assistant. In a few clicks, the user tells the tool how he wants his UI to behave by selecting the type of project and the features (media player, WebView, etc.) to integrate with it. The tool then generates a frame of code C # or to complete to reach the objectives defined in advance.

Windows Studio Template is a project supported by the open source community. The code of the tool is available on GitHub under MIT license. In the arsenal that Microsoft makes available to developers, WTS succeeds Windows App Studio. The web application was used to develop programs for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 platforms. In 2015, Microsoft extended the possibilities offered by the tool by opening it to the development of applications for devices equipped with Windows 10. In June 2017, Microsoft killed two birds with one stone announcing the closure of the online service Windows App Studio and launching Windows Studio Template.

The use of the tool is subject to the prior installation of Visual Studio 2017. It is then necessary to download the plugin on the Microsoft marketplace and associate it with the integrated development environment.

 download   :  Windows Template Studio here

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