It's about the income of the apps that it's about. On Android, users spend less than on iOS.
According to Morgan Stanley investment bank figures, iOS users are more expensive than Android users. Although it equips 80% of smartphones around the world, Google's mobile operating system is struggling to compete with that of Apple when it comes to generating revenue.

As Morgan Stanley's latest survey shows, an iOS user spends an average of 10 times more money on their mobile than an Android user. For publishers of applications in search of monetization, there is no picture between the ecosystem of Apple and that of Google. But the match is a little complicated than it seems. Across the globe, Android still has a potential 2.3 billion users daily. For iOS, it's "only" 1.3 billion.
To fully understand Morgan Stanley's numbers, it should also be noted that a large portion of Android smartphones are used in emerging markets. It is therefore logical that these markets do not generate the same average income levels, at least in the short term, which are lower for the moment. But overall, this does not detract from Apple's insolent dominance of the mobile application market. The App Store generates 4 times more revenue than the Google Play Store.

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