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About Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a light version of the official Facebook application. Facebook Lite is very light, and works under any conditions, even if your smartphone is connected to the Internet only in Edge. The application loads data extremely quickly and consumes very little data. On a very positive note, Facebook Lite integrates Messenger instant messaging, which will allow you to send private messages to all your friends, without having to install the third-party Messenger application, which appeared after removing the feature in the Facebook application. based.
Facebook Lite takes a design and operating system similar to the web version of the Facebook site, supports notifications and allows to share photos and update your status on the social network. Officially, the Facebook Lite app is only available for download on Google Play for emerging countries, but the APK can be installed on any device running Android.

Even more about Facebook Lite:

• Quick to install: the app is lighter, therefore faster to download, and takes up less storage space.
• Fast to load: this is our fastest app. Upload photos faster and view your friends' news.
• Less data-intensive: use your mobile data more efficiently. Save money by using less data.
• Compatible with all networks: this version is designed for 2G networks and low-speed or unstable areas.
• Works on most Android phones: you can use it on virtually every type of Android phone, regardless of age.

To enjoy the full Facebook app, install Facebook for Android:

Staying in touch with friends becomes even easier. It's free (and it will stay).

About Facebook:
• Exchange text messages and participate in group conversations.
• Receive notification when your friends like or comment on your publications.
• Do not miss anything about your friends.
• Share your updates and photos.

You can now preview the next version of Facebook Lite by becoming a beta tester. Sign up here:

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Facebook is open only to persons aged 13 years minimum.
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